The AMPTEC has a variety in product line that can be combined in hosting projects and customized according to specific needs  of each client. They are:

Dedicated Hosting

The AMPTEC offer to his clients the convenience to use his dedicated servers, freeing them of acquisition burden ,equity control, basic software licenses and technological platform update.

Our Dedicated Servers are suitable to those who need host his sites and applications in robust network servers with affordable cost.

Advanced services of management and security by AMPTEC team allows the client keep foccus on the most important parts of business. The servers are configured according to the projects requirements and can be of any brand or model.

Are indicated to hire this dedicated hosting service the projects where there is the need of high performance, special security requirements and special software configuration.

Internet Connection

Fixed Band: will be configured a max bandwidth to the servers subnet of the client. The price is fixed and the limits can’t be exceeded.

Fexible Band: will be configured a suitable bandwidth for the access average to the servers subnet of the client. Exceeding the configured bandwidth limit, the client will pay for the exceeded Megabytes.

Connection to Private Data Network

Allows the client of hosting projects enjoy private connections, safe and with high performance between his offices and the Data Centers to manage his applications. These conections are hired and managed by AMPTEC next to the last mile operators in cutsomer location. Optionally the client can hire directly and delegate the management of the network to AMPTEC team.

Dedicated Corporative Email Server

Based on a robust arquitecture where the email servers are exclusives to each client, being a complete tool to manage corporative emails inside a safe environment, scalable and with high performance. Hiring this service you’ll be releasing your IT professionals of email server management load.

The use of mail boxes is done through the email software (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora) or by the Webmail chosen by client. The access funcionalities are: SMTP, POP3, WEBMAIL. The managenebt of webA gerência das caixas postais (criação, remoção, configuração, troca de senha e outras) pode ser feita através do Painel de controle, do Webmail.

Network security with Firewall

All the network of Data Centers we operate connected to internet is protected by firewall redundant sistems. The contracting of hosting projects can always benefit from these protection resources of their applications. We too offer firewall services to coporate networks where these firewalls are managed by AMPTEC team aiming exclusive and independent protection to their corporate networks and application.

Vulnerability test and security analisys

The AMPTEC team is qualified and has the needed tools to avaluate the corporate networks of the clients to identify security breaches and guide or implement needed correction.


This service aims to produce and maintain in safe location copies of data used by applications hosted on dedicated client servers. The frequency and retention of these copies depend on specific needs of each client and can be hired several backup policies.

Monitoring and alarm

To know if your mission critical applications are running with suitable performance every time is fundamental. Our monitoring tools continously veirify the application state alerting our team and the client about every preset out of the standard occurency.